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Cork 32csm Highlight Drugs Issue

Cork 32 County Sovereignty Movement were out last night, 19th January, putting up informational posters highlighting the side effects of drugs such as cocaine, heroin & prescription drugs.

It is our belief that there continues to be a complete lack of education for young people regarding the impact of drugs and the wider impact on our society.

Many drugs are consumed with the belief that they are harmless recreational substances, however the reality is much different. Unfortunately for many young people who fall victim to addiction and reliance on substances such as drugs and alcohol, that knowledge comes after the devastation of addiction.

While parasitic filth continue to profit from drug dealing and all that it entails, the issue of drug abuse/misuse is a societal challenge which requires not only education but mental health services, community outreach, addiction support and the opportunity for people with addictions to change their lives.

We in the Cork 32 County Sovereignty Movement will continue to reach out to communities and communicate to young people the very real impact drugs can have on their lives.

Beir Bua

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