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Legislation Passed To Seal Abuse Files

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement would like to express our deep disgust at the disturbing decision of the Free State government in relation to so called ‘Mother and Baby’ homes. More specifically legislation to seal files pertaining to the crimes and atrocities committed against women and children at the hands of the Catholic church within these homes.

This decision adds further insult to the victims who continue to suffer to this very day. The true scale of victims is largely unregistered, as the majority have and continue to suffer in silence. Yet we can all no doubt recollect on friends or relatives who at some point have suffered at the hands of the Catholic Church. This is the same Catholic church that oversaw the unmarked mass graves known as ‘cillini’ that are littered across Ireland. Graves which contain the bones of unbaptized children, illegitimate children or children of an unknown religion who died and were shamefully buried in the dead of night.

This is the same Catholic Church which for many generations dictated to the Irish people as to their every day activities in life right down to what they could watch and read. All the while Catholic run institutions engaged in systemic physical and sexual abuse, torture, child trafficking and even murder.

This is the same Catholic Church which refused to give the last rights to Republicans during the Irish Civil War and to this day condemn the actions of Irish Republicans while ignoring the occupation of our country and the injustices aimed at the Irish people by the British regime.

After the defeat of Irish Republicans in the Irish Civil war, the Irish “Free State” and its allies in the Catholic Church had sought to create an Ireland which reflected a mix of nationalist and Catholic values. The power of the Catholic Church came to its highpoint after the election of traitor Eamon De Valera who ensured the Catholic Church would exercise complete influence and control over the Irish people, while at the same time his government imprisoned Irish Republicans en masse, had Irish Republicans hanged, murdered and left to die on hunger strike. The horrific consequences of this are now plain for all to see. Instead of shedding light on the extent of these injustices and enabling victims to pursue some closure, the political forces responsible for enabling such crimes now seek to hide the full extent of the truth.

While the power and control of the Catholic Church over the Irish people no longer exists to such an extent, we are faced with the same decrepit political order which is represented by those who perpetuate the crimes committed and although we recognise that not all members of the Catholic Church were participants in these crimes, we do believe it is imperative that the Church takes full responsibility for their widespread actions.

The underlying message from this shameful debacle is clear for all to see. The only solution for a lasting change in Ireland is to remove British rule from our country and establish a Republic whereby the Irish people wield Irish Sovereignty. If we fail to do so, we will forever be ruled by the same political forces that have delivered nothing to the Irish people but poverty, exploitation, evictions, homelessness, imprisonment, cronyism and inequality. Any other solution is nothing more than a convenient distraction which will result in the prolonging of injustices such as those hidden within this mother and baby homes decision.

Beir Bua!

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