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Letter By Francie Mackey

Westminster’s Back Door Protection Will Not Allow a United Independent Ireland

The Home Rule parties are back in Stormont amid the hype, pomp and ceremony. All the while we are witnessing the outlandish statements of desperation, Irish Unity is within touching distance.

Whether Stormont is up and running or not has made no difference to the question of Irish unity.

There is no difference between the parties administering British rule in Stormont, they all operate from within the same process and agreement of 1998.

Such hypocritic statements are further exposed when Michelle O’Neil admits that the principle of Irish Unity has been reduced to an aspiration.

That was never the republican position. Prior to Sinn Fein treachery the republican position was always about upholding and protecting the sovereign rights of the Irish people. It was always our right not an aspiration to restore a United, Sovereign Independent Ireland free from outside interference.

The latest document to get the DUP back into Stormont flies in the face of the Nationalist position and Republican position and is totally about protecting the Union.

This highlights how Sinn Fein have been made redundant from a republican perspective and how calls for a Border Poll are also redundant. The British government don’t have to call a border poll as there is no criteria to do so.

Effectively Sinn Fein are reduced to paying lip-service to the republican position and there motivation now is based on career and populist politics.

What I am saying is further evidenced by a new report from an influential think tank, the Police Exchange.

The report highlights how Britain should bolster its military presence here amid concerns that they would be attacked from hostile states and that Naval and Air protection should be increased in the North.

From a republican perspective this has always been the British position using Ireland as a back door protection from attack or invasion.

That is another reason why the British will never relinquish their illegal sovereign claim to part of our Nation.

Francis Mackey

32 County Sovereignty Movement

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