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Vultures Cancel Due To Protest Action

After publicising our intent to picket an anti-community event at the MAC theatre last night, the organisers ‘Belfast Property Meet’ cancelled their evening. This vulture group have been holding monthly seminars at the MAC for the last few years, with the exception of recent venue closures. The aim of these seminars is to school landlords, developers and vulture fund investors on how best to undermine and decimate working class communities in order to build their own wealth. Worryingly these kind of events are happening more often and it seems what they are selling is being viewed as a legitimate and victimless business; let us be clear, gentrification and landlordism are not victimless businesses. These parasites are making a fortune off the backs of ordinary people and we hope in future the MAC, along with other community based venues, refuse to accommodate them. We believe that only with a unified response from the working class can we put an end to these vultures for good, the time to act is now.  

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