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Why The Two-State Solution Has Had Its Day

An analysis of the proposed two-state solution in Palestine by Martin Rafferty of the 32CSM carried on the Pensive Quill.

A two-state solution was not first mooted during the negations that led to the Oslo accord. The Western media would have us believe this but it was first proposed by the British when they took control of Palestine and its destiny in 1917 after the fall of the Ottoman empire. Palestinians totally rejected any notion of it in 1917 and most Palestinians rejected the recognising of Israeli sovereignty in Palestine through a 2-state solution in the Oslo Accords of 1993.

Here in Ireland similar things were happening around the same time in history. In 1918 the Irish people expressed through the ballot box the right to self-determination and Irish sovereignty. The British response was a brutal suppression of the Irish people and then Britain imposed an illegal two state solution in the form of partition that has lasted to this day. In 1998 the two-state solution was copper fastened in Ireland when former republicans along with others accepted British sovereignty in the form of the consent principal and the diminishing of Ireland's claim to sovereignty over all of Ireland with the dropping of Articles 2 and 3 of the Irish constitution that stated the whole island formed one national territory as a right. In 1993 when the PLO led by Yasser Arafat were forced, against the wishes of a considerable number of the Palestinian population, to sign the Oslo accord there were 7,400 illegal settlers in the West Bank, today that number has increased to 670,000. The PLO were promised full control of the West Bank and the Gaza strip with the creation of the Palestinian Authority. Full control of security of the areas would still be in the hands of the Israelis. From its inception the PA has been embroiled in power struggles and corruption scandals. With the ever-increasing expansion of illegal settlements and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their lands the Palestinian Authority has become nothing more than a gate keeper for its Israeli paymaster. The two-state solution here in Ireland has not faired much better. In the 26 counties the administration has evolved into one of the most corrupt excuses for a government in Western Europe resulting in banks and multinationals having a free for all, carving up this part of the island, privatising and selling off everything to make a quick profit resulting in poverty and homelessness on a scale never seen before. In the 6 counties the Palestinian Authority’s sister party SinnFein have had their own share of corruption scandals. From the time of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement they along with their partners in the dysfunctional administration have been more than willing to implement the carve-up and selling off of this part of the Island, on their own journey from revolutionaries to gate keepers for their paymasters.

The two state solution promised to the Palestinian Authority in the Oslo accord in 1993 was to give Palestine its own state comprising of land in the West Bank and Gaza border that had been redefined by Israel as a result of the 1967 war between Israel and its backers and Palestine and other Arab states. This was even less land than proposed by the British from 1917 to 1948 and from 1993 Israel has been consistently engaging in the clearing of more Palestinian lands against international law to make way for illegal settlements and in the process turned remaining Palestinian areas into ghettos reminiscent of the Warsaw ghettos in 1940s Poland. To understand why a two state solution was never going to materialise you have to understand why Israel was created by Britain with the full backing of the UN and The USA in the first place. It wasn’t to provide a safe home for the Jewish community of the world, it was to create an outpost to look after its own interests in the Middle East and they exploited the genuine fears of the Jewish community at that time and fulfilled the delusional aspirations of the Zionist movement that was also gathering momentum. What we are witnessing now is the final phase of the project to totally and finally rid Palestine of its people and replace them with Israeli settlers but, there has always been the problem that it's not that easy because like the olive tree that Palestine uses as its symbol of resistance, the Palestinian people are extremely difficult to get rid of and are extremely resilient. The whole might of the West has been thrown at the Palestinians through their proxy, Israel, and they still have not been able to defeat them. The more extreme measures they use to achieve this goal the more they weaken their colonisation project. The reaction globally to the actions of Israel and their cheerleaders has been building over the years to the point where governments and regimes supportive of the West are fearful for their own skins because of the anger of their own people. Also, the West need to keep populating Palestine with settlers to maintain the balance of power but not only is the number of settlers slowing down but settlers already there are leaving in their droves. So instead of the political classes both there and abroad calling for a two state solution in Palestine, they should be calling for the expulsion of all Israeli politicians and the full restoration of Palestine pre 1917 when Jews, Christians and Muslims coexisted peacefully together. ⏩Martin Rafferty, a member of the 32 CSM, is an activist with the BDS movement, campaigning for the sovereignty of the Palestinian people.

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