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This years commemoration to honour the life of IRA volunteer Alan Ryan will take place on Sunday 3rd September. We ask that anyone attending please assemble at the gates of Balgriffin Cemetery at 2PM.

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Article from Belfast 32CSM:

These British military vehicles were seen travelling along the M2 towards Belfast yesterday afternoon.

This is the same army that establishment parties tell us have long left these shores, the same army responsible for countless massacres and murders in Ireland and around the world.

It's well known that the british army are still posted here in Ireland both covertly and overtly, they also bolster the ranks of the unaccountable and sectarian crown force PSNI.

We put it now to SinnFein and other British establishment parties, why are British military vehicles and troops still prowling the streets of Ireland?

As the saying goes 'they haven't gone away you know'.

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The recent savage sentences handed down to three anti-eviction activists involved in the Roscommon repossession demonstrates once again the Judiciary and political establishment’s loyalty to the landlord class.

The action taken by anti-eviction activists had clearly rattled the government, evidenced by the general absence of condemnation from ordinary citizens already sickened by the preferential treatment afforded to banks in the current housing and eviction crisis.

When one considers the recent handing down of lesser sentences for such crimes as drug dealing at national and international level, domestic and sexual abuse and recidivist criminal behaviour it is clear that the political direction given to the Judiciary by the establishment is designed to strike fear into community and social activists who employ direct action in pursuit of social justice.

This political sentencing must galvanise all social activists to work together in pursuit of the many social campaigns, such as the campaign against water charges where the financial interests of capitalism are prioritised by government and the lame politics of the so-called opposition remains deliberately ineffective.

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