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The 32 County Sovereignty Movement offer solidarity to the Palestinian people as they face down the current onslaught from one of the most heavily armed regimes in the world.

After the latest uprising from Hamas, governments across the globe have instructed media outlets to push the narrative that this was an unprovoked attack on a peaceful neighbouring state.

In reality from the 1940s Israel has been engaged in a forced occupation of Palestine and a genocidal whitewash of the Palestinian people. Widespread oppression, state murder, internment and land theft have led to millions of refugees scattered throughout different countries and over 2 million people crammed into the Gaza strip, an area described by multiple international human rights organisations as the worlds largest open air prison.

Israel, backed by Britain and the US, will no doubt be given carte blanche to carry out some of the most deplorable attacks against the Palestinians, already seen in the last few days by their warplanes and missiles flattening entire communities and using white phosphorus bombs, which in itself is an international war crime.

In the coming days and weeks the Palestinian people will be given a trial by media, portaying them as international terrorists to divert public attention from what is really going on.

The Irish as an occupied people will always stand shoulder to shoulder with the Palestinians in their struggle for sovereignty.

Beir bua.

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Today we remember with pride IRA Volunteer Alan Ryan on the 11th anniversary of his murder at the hands of criminals.

The main oration from todays commemoration was read by national chairman of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement Francie Mackey and held true to Alan's Republican outlook.


Firstly I’d like to thank all those in attendance here today at the graveside of Volunteer Alan Ryan. This annual gathering is in itself an act of resistance befitting of the Volunteer we honour here today.

That we are marginalised does not make us wrong. The wheel of history will inevitably turn our way again as the position that we represent is the only position capable of bringing a true peace to our people.

The common thread of our republican history has been the revolutionary ideas expressed through each generation with the focussed aim of securing the sovereignty of the Irish people.

As Irish separatists we hold true to core republican values and as republican revolutionaries we must always strive to set ourselves apart from those who have hijacked the struggle, founded and driven by the people of no property.

But in so doing we must strike a tone of relevance if out distinct position is to have any practical meaning. And what Irish republicans must recognise now, that whilst our objectives remain steadfast and inviolate, our expectations as to how they may be realised will have to change.

The long war resulted in a politics it was not fighting for. A lesser war will not alter that fact. The Good Friday Agreement de-politicised the constitutional question thus marginalising political arguments based on conflict.

And this is where Irish republicans need to re-evaluate our political thinking. The only credible means to have the constitutional question back on the political agenda is to formulate a solutions-based approach around it.

The electoral rise of Provisional Sinn Fein has given a false hope of imminent constitutional change.

Irish constitutional nationalism, in its historical and contemporary outlook, views a British dimension to Irish politics as intrinsic to its practice.

One of the great fallacies in Irish political history is to interpret the difference between constitutional nationalism and republican separatism as one of methodology in pursuit of objectives. Nothing is so further removed from the truth.

Indeed, it has long been an established strategy for constitutionalism to promote this fallacy only to be exposed when it came to dealing with the issue of national sovereignty.

At its heart constitutional nationalism views the political landscape from a British/establishment perspective and explicitly recognises a legitimacy in British claims of sovereignty in Ireland. The Good Friday Accord is a product of this perspective.

The GFA is a mechanism to prolong a ceasefire, nothing more. That prolongation is necessary for Irish constitutional nationalism to harmonise the British presence in Ireland. The question that must be addressed by such nationalists, and which is posed by the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, is whether or not it accepts that the Irish people are a sovereign people and thus entitled to national self-determination as an inalienable right?

Calls for Irish unity are a poor substitute for acts of Irish unity. And this is where republicans must take the initiative. In the absence of a national leadership local leadership must take up the reigns of republican activity.

Leadership does not fall from the sky; it is forged through comradeship and activism. It comes from the bottom up and has no hereditary rights. Effective leadership stems from revolutionary ideas that directly challenges the political status quo.

Republicans are routinely condemned as being anti-democratic because of our opposition to the Good Friday Agreement. We are told that a Border Poll is the only democratic route to what some would term Irish unity.

This is where the true democratic integrity of the republican position must come to the fore. Let us be the champions of democracy on this island and let the political careerists founder on their selfish ambitions.

An Irish Democratic Framework offers an original and unprecedented political opportunity to resolve the deep divisions amongst the Irish people engendered by the Anglo-Irish conflict. It is not an imposed structure but one which needs the active input of all our people to construct and in so doing the process of dialogue, understanding and peace building can commence.

We owe nothing less to Volunteer Alan Ryan and the great sacrifices of all our patriot dead. Beir Bua

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Statement contained Belfast WolfeTone/McCracken cumann:

Over the past few weeks the issue of policing has been put into the public spotlight again and rightly so as it remains an integral cog in the British occupation.

For years ourselves and other Republican groups have been highlighting the continued failure and illegality of British policing in Ireland despite what elected politicians at Stormont, Westminster and Leinster House would have us believe.

Even the very name of the organisation is a lie. Under the veil of PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) this crown force militia is still registered as the internationally disgraced RUC and can be seen in the pictures provided here from companies house website.

The only reason media scrutiny has been placed on this organisation of late is because of a series of highly embarrassing data leaks containing the information of serving personnel. The media in the past would always toe the line of silence when it came to data leaks, specifically those relating to Republicans, their families or anyone from an Irish or catholic background, many times leading to assassination by loyalist death squads.

The issues don't stop with data leaks, this force is rife with sectarianism, misogyny and racism, all described on a regular basis by serving personnel.

As well as this there is widespread speculation of coverups relating to suspicious deaths such as that of young Noah Donahoe.

Officers taking and sharing pictures of suicide victims and manipulating their bodies for sick gratification and jokes.

There is also their continued implication in the setting up of Republicans, such as John Paul Wooton and Brendan McConville, the Craigavon 2.

As far as we are concerned British policing in Ireland is illegitimate political policing, designed to keep Irish sovereignty at bay.

Reject the RUC/PSNI, reject British political policing in Ireland.

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