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Cork Wreathlaying

32CSM held a wreath laying ceremony at the Grave of IRA Volunteer Dermot Crowley on his 50th anniversary. Cork volunteer Dermot Crowley, Seán Loughran and Patrick Carty died when a bomb they were transporting near Omagh exploded prematurely in 1973. 18-year-old Dermot Crowley grew up in Mayfield in Cork. One of six children, he was a skilled sportsman and played for Clann Éireann GAA and his county in both juvenile and youth athletics. The terrible suffering of the nationalist people in the North of Ireland in the early 1970s had a strong effect on Dermot and he joined the IRA with his lifelong friend, Tony Ahern. Dermot was heartbroken when 17-year-old Tony was killed in a landmine explosion in Fermanagh in May 1973. Dermot himself would lose his young life exactly one month later in Omagh.

He is buried in Rathcooney, County Cork and is always remembered by Cork Republicans.

Beir Bua

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