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Belfast 32CSM Expose RUC/PSNI

Statement contained Belfast WolfeTone/McCracken cumann:

Over the past few weeks the issue of policing has been put into the public spotlight again and rightly so as it remains an integral cog in the British occupation.

For years ourselves and other Republican groups have been highlighting the continued failure and illegality of British policing in Ireland despite what elected politicians at Stormont, Westminster and Leinster House would have us believe.

Even the very name of the organisation is a lie. Under the veil of PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) this crown force militia is still registered as the internationally disgraced RUC and can be seen in the pictures provided here from companies house website.

The only reason media scrutiny has been placed on this organisation of late is because of a series of highly embarrassing data leaks containing the information of serving personnel. The media in the past would always toe the line of silence when it came to data leaks, specifically those relating to Republicans, their families or anyone from an Irish or catholic background, many times leading to assassination by loyalist death squads.

The issues don't stop with data leaks, this force is rife with sectarianism, misogyny and racism, all described on a regular basis by serving personnel.

As well as this there is widespread speculation of coverups relating to suspicious deaths such as that of young Noah Donahoe.

Officers taking and sharing pictures of suicide victims and manipulating their bodies for sick gratification and jokes.

There is also their continued implication in the setting up of Republicans, such as John Paul Wooton and Brendan McConville, the Craigavon 2.

As far as we are concerned British policing in Ireland is illegitimate political policing, designed to keep Irish sovereignty at bay.

Reject the RUC/PSNI, reject British political policing in Ireland.

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