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Derry Searches

The recent extensive search operation by both the British Army and the British colonial police resulted in disruption for the residents in Creggan. Crown forces centred their operation around farm buildings and land on the outskirts of the estate. The operation which lasted several days saw huge numbers of heavily armed and masked British soldiers backed up by armoured PSNI vehicles constantly circling the operation and harassing local residents.

Through out this operation constitutional Nationalist politicians had nothing to say until local youth, frustrated by the actions and deliberate provocation of the Crown forces, attacked the PSNI. Their response was to criticise the youth of the area and turn a blind eye to the actions of an occupying army and their armed police force.

All this comes on the back of a charm offensive by the PSNI and an attempt to normalise this discredited force by so called local community workers. These community workers, some of whom have been placed in the Creggan community after being given heavily paid posts, are careerists who are following a political agenda. This involves introducing young people to the PSNI in the guise of road safety and other innocuous scenarios but their intent is much more serious. The belief is that in some cases their funding will be cut should they refuse to participate in these sinister actions.

None of the schools or community organisations involved in this activity had anything to say about the recent aggression and collective community punishment meted out by those they promote to children. In fact none of these organisations had anything to say about allegations made by whistle blowers within the PSNI regarding sectarianism, misogyny, racism and bullying. They were equally silent when on a number of recent occasions, Amnesty International and other groups condemned the PSNI regarding issues involving children which include ‘stop and search’ powers and plans to use spit hoods. They have equally been silent regarding the PSNI/MI5 child informer recruitment policy.

Despite this, some local educational facilities continue to invite this discredited force into their buildings forcing some children to leave and lose out on education. It is time they stopped what can only be described as grooming exercises and focus on what they are designed for, education and nurturing and stop using children as pawns.

As for the recent search operations, they only serve to highlight further the continuing role of the British army and other forces in the occupied 6 counties while also exposing the lies and sinister motives of former Republicans now working for the British crown.

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