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The Following article was published this week on The Pensive Quill website by Belfast 32csm member Martin Rafferty.

Palestine Exposes The Failure Of Sinn Fein

Up and down the Island of Ireland tens of thousands have taken to the streets to show their anger at the genocide taking place in Palestine.

Many people listening to speeches at rallies and events couldn’t help but notice Sinn Fein speakers coming under pressure from within the crowds for some of the positions they have taken regarding support, or the lack of it some would say, of Palestine. This was no more evident than in the lavish Europa Hotel in Belfast on Tuesday the 6th of February when, at a Sinn Fein organised event for Palestine, they forcibly removed some Palestinians who challenged Sinn Fein's decision to still go to Washington on St Patrick’s day, giving political cover to the Biden administration as it funds the genocide in Palestine. How did Sinn Fein go from solidarity with Palestine to ignoring and dismissing its appeals for help and comradeship?

This is the inevitable outworking’s of The Good Friday Agreement.

The Good Friday Agreement and the Oslo Accords were liberal peacebuilding strategies devised by the West as a contemporary form of counterrevolutionary tactics. Tactics that have been deployed to places like the Basque country, Colombia, Iraq to name but a few. Basically, anywhere the Stormont Political class are sent to by the west to talk about bringing peace and democracy is a country in need of some good old liberal peacebuilding.

The democratic process. Under liberal peacebuilding only works when the outcome is favorable to the West's own interests. In the case of Palestine and the Oslo Accords the Palestinian Authority were the chosen safe pair of hands. But in 2006 Hamas won the elections and the response from the West was predictable. Total rejection of the result and no elections since. The only acceptable Palestinian representatives are those they deem “moderates” and pro-Western.

In the case of this part of Ireland a form of government was put in place to guarantee a system of administration divided alone sectarian lines, ensuring tribal politics would prevail. The political class just needs to wave the flag at each election and are left to do as they please, as long as they first and foremost look after the interests of the West. The administration has been beset with corruption and dysfunctionality from its inception.

Security/Development. A better description would be country insurgency.

In Palestine the PA were given the responsibility of policing and other internal suppression powers. This not only secures stability and control for the occupier but also keeps in check any perceived dissidents who may oppose the system, as in the case of Nizar Banat who was an outspoken critic of the Palestinian Authority. He was killed in police custody 3 years ago.

In this part of Ireland policing and justice were devolved to the local administration in 2010 except for national security and 40% of the police budget. These are still controlled by the Northern Ireland Office i.e. MI5. Also a nationalist cannot hold the post of policing and justice. On the 13th of October 2000 Joseph OConnor, an outspoken critic of Sinn Fein, was murdered by gunmen aligned to pro-Good Friday Agreement elements within the republican movement. At least one of the gunmen was also a paid British agent. The then British Minister responsible for this part of Ireland said at the time that it was “internal housekeeping.”

So, it should be of no surprise to see Sinn Fein sharing a stage in a lavish city center hotel in Belfast with Jilan Wahba Abdalmajid of the Palestinian Authority. They are both the product of a carefully crafted strategy that has been put in place to look after the establishment and keep resistance down. Don’t be surprised if you see Sinn Fein sitting with collaborators from other occupied countries like The Basque country, Colombia, Iraq, or basically anywhere the Stormont parties were sent to by the West.

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Westminster’s Back Door Protection Will Not Allow a United Independent Ireland

The Home Rule parties are back in Stormont amid the hype, pomp and ceremony. All the while we are witnessing the outlandish statements of desperation, Irish Unity is within touching distance.

Whether Stormont is up and running or not has made no difference to the question of Irish unity.

There is no difference between the parties administering British rule in Stormont, they all operate from within the same process and agreement of 1998.

Such hypocritic statements are further exposed when Michelle O’Neil admits that the principle of Irish Unity has been reduced to an aspiration.

That was never the republican position. Prior to Sinn Fein treachery the republican position was always about upholding and protecting the sovereign rights of the Irish people. It was always our right not an aspiration to restore a United, Sovereign Independent Ireland free from outside interference.

The latest document to get the DUP back into Stormont flies in the face of the Nationalist position and Republican position and is totally about protecting the Union.

This highlights how Sinn Fein have been made redundant from a republican perspective and how calls for a Border Poll are also redundant. The British government don’t have to call a border poll as there is no criteria to do so.

Effectively Sinn Fein are reduced to paying lip-service to the republican position and there motivation now is based on career and populist politics.

What I am saying is further evidenced by a new report from an influential think tank, the Police Exchange.

The report highlights how Britain should bolster its military presence here amid concerns that they would be attacked from hostile states and that Naval and Air protection should be increased in the North.

From a republican perspective this has always been the British position using Ireland as a back door protection from attack or invasion.

That is another reason why the British will never relinquish their illegal sovereign claim to part of our Nation.

Francis Mackey

32 County Sovereignty Movement

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Yesterday, 20th January, we held our annual ard fheis.

We reflected on the past year, debated different topics and discussed how best to move forward in the coming year.

The day finished with the election of our Ard Chomhairle.

The following is the address made by national chairman Francis Mackey:

We stand with the Palestinian people in their struggle for national sovereignty. We stand with the millions of people throughout the world who have demonstrated their solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

From this Ard Fheis we call for an immediate ceasefire to the hostilities as a first step in a resolution process to end the violation of Palestinian sovereignty.

We fully support the charge of genocide made against the government of Israel by South Africa at the International Criminal Court. It is clear beyond doubt that the government of Benjamin Netanyahu is set on a firm Zionist agenda of displacing the remaining Palestinian people from their ancestral home to make way for further illegal settlements and to anchor further the apartheid state in the region.

The absence of support for Palestine from the main Western powers further demonstrates their agenda of NATO expansionism irrespective of the global consequences. The conflict in Ukraine is one such consequence wherein right-wing puppet regimes masquerade as democratic governments. Equally the sabre rattling over the future of Taiwan continues to feed into armed global imperialism.

Let us make this clear, that as Irish republicans we fully endorse the single state solution of a Palestinian State predicated on the sovereign democratic inclusion of all peoples within its lawful borders. Rogue states and puppet regimes only prolong conflict as they run contrary to all semblances of natural justice and democratic development.

We call on all republicans and revolutionary socialists to adopt this position and to utilise all their resources and ingenuity to pursue this outcome. There is a groundswell of support for Palestine in Ireland as witnessed by the unprecedented turn out at the recent solidarity rally. Our role is to move that support beyond rhetoric and into the realm of focussed activism to pursue the single state solution.

Ireland remains partitioned. The politics of partition is becoming more normalised by the day. Even the failure of Stormont to convene is no longer seen as a damning indictment of the Six County entity itself but rather as an ever-drifting irrelevance of squabbling, parish pump politicians. The Statelet continues to function.

Threats of dire consequences if Stormont fails to sit is mere shadow boxing as the centre of gravity of political and financial control edges inexorably back to Westminster. And in the absence of any coherent republican opposition, we will become bystanders to the solidifying of British rule in Ireland.

In the Twenty-Six Counties electoral politics is absorbing the Sinn Féin surge as the predictable flip-flopping on pressing issues exposes them as dancers to the opinion poll tune. The abandonment of republican and socialist goals, lauding EU imperialism, the slippery slope to NATO membership, generous Corporation Tax rates for the multi-nationals, the never-ending litany of sell out.

Nothing of note will change for the working class and the green clamour for a Border Poll will recede, wrapped in the empty rhetoric of building relations between the two communities.

The question of immigration has the potential to polarise opinion even within republicanism. As communities struggle to come to terms with an immigration system bereft of any transparency or consistency the lazy labelling of their concerns as right wing posturing is extremely damaging and counterproductive.

Naturally such an issue will attract right-wing elements, but republicans must not fall into the trap of fighting the wrong enemy whilst the State’s immigration debacle proceeds under the radar with a compliant State media staying tactically quiet.

Shouting slogans across police lines is a poor substitute for developing a clear and coherent policy that addresses the totality of the immigration issue based on realities and common sense.

We are not always authors of our own destinies. And at times throughout republican history external factors have forced republicans to internal observations and scrutiny. Perhaps these events are a case in point.

Irish republicanism is in a poor place. We have known this for some time. Can we now grasp this opportunity to demonstrate a maturity in common purpose by developing together a comprehensive position on this vexed and most exploited issue?

And in so doing can we kickstart a process of developing a republican policy programme across a wide range of issues that sets us apart from the conformists?

We have missed too many opportunities to advance republicanism to the extent that a pattern of failure has become the norm. The disarray caused by Brexit was fertile ground for republicanism but not one credible seed was sown.

Our inability to articulate an alternative to a failed Stormont, to influence our communities to a more radical approach beyond the Good Friday Agreement, speaks volumes of our political credentials.

I can only reiterate what we stated in our New Years Statement.

For Republicans 2024 should be the year for joined up thinking rather than a range of small organisations saying the same things. We have to challenge the political parties on their failings and their failure to protect the rights of their fellow citizens and we need the republican position articulated in towns and villages across Ireland.

Our door remains open. Our children, our grandchildren deserve better.

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