The PSNI have released a statement alleging that 26 of its members were injured in what they describe as premeditated attacks over the past few days in West Belfast.

We would like to know how they came to this conclusion giving that the operation they launched on the lower Falls this week was not known about before hand.

The only thing premeditated was the heavy siege of a Republican area by British crown forces and the bitter attack on locals living there.

The injuries, if there were indeed any, to these British forces, were a direct result of local residents defending themselves from a clearly orchestrated, over the top and vicious assault perpetrated by scores of heavily clad riot police.

It wouldn't be hard to surmise that this latest show of strength from the PSNI is a token gesture to gain back some lost flavour with loyalists over the last few months and it seems to be a working method following the outpouring of support from loyalist politicians.

Elected government lackies in Republican areas will blame the youth but in fairness the youth are angry, and rightly so when they see plain as day the double standard policing of their own area in comparison to others that clearly demonstrate sectarian and racist hatred with a well funded festival of sheer bigotry and triumphalism which lasts for months.

We again reiterate that political policing is alive and well in occupied Ireland, the two tier system of past decades remains the same with the PSNI as it did with their predecessors in the RUC and the RIC before them, a British police force is a British police force, sin é.

Beir Bua.

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Main oration:

A chairde, in these exceptional times we must recognise that we are enduring a political pandemic that will have far reaching consequences for all the people of Ireland.

Accordingly, the limited resources of Irish republicanism must not be distracted by the invention of enemies. Now, more than ever, a pragmatic maturity must guide our thinking if we are to navigate our way forward.

The business of Stormont and Leinster House continues unabated. Partition is being further entrenched under the guise of cooperation over Covid-19. Plans for Brexit have not been altered. The Six County police force remains as sectarian and partisan as ever.

The Home Rule legacy is the dominant politics on the island. In its preservation a Dublin Court has ordered the extradition of Irish republican Liam Campbell to Lithuania.

In an over-ruling of its own courts decisions, Dublin also rushed through legislation to make it easier for Vulture Funds to seek home repossessions and evictions.

These are the real and pressing realities which confront our people today. These are the issues which Irish republicanism must demonstrate leadership on if our people are to take our vision for an Irish Republic seriously.

At Bodenstown in 2013 Francie Mackey stated:

"As republicans we need to develop a concept of winning. We must rid ourselves of the mindset that our role in this struggle is to merely pass it on to the next generation. If we perpetually think in terms of failure, we are certain to fail. Let there be no more glorious defeats or doomed noble efforts".

When we think and act together, we can move this struggle forward.

Beir Bua!

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After a British military reconnaissance plane spent a number of hours circling West Belfast, heavily armed British crown force riot squads moved into the Divis area.

The large scale policing operation was carried out, from what we can tell, to remove a small amount of bonfire material as seen in this picture.>>>>>>>>>

Belfast WolfeTone /McCracken cumann 32CSM find it absolutely disgraceful, but not surprising, that this circus was able to take place today when only a few weeks ago loyalist fires were yet again allowed to take place unhindered. Fires which are not only sectarian and racist in their nature but also present a real threat to life considering their huge size and proximity to surrounding homes.

During this incident streets were blocked off hemming people in and residents, including children and pensioners, were assaulted by lines of riot police with shields and batons and shows that todays farce was a blatant act of political policing, a show of strength against a Republican community by British crown forces and was without doubt supported by the local government lackies and others.

Regardless of whether the planned bonfire in this area was wanted or not by the local community, the over the top actions of RUC personnel and their political counterparts must be condemned by all.

End British Political Policing In Ireland.

Beir Bua.

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