More posters have been erected in North Antrim ahead of the British queen's arrival here next week. The foreign monarch and commander in chief of British armed forces, will be here to celebrate 100 years of Irelands partition at the hands of illegal occupation.

A celebration event will be held at St.Patricks church of Ireland in Armagh on Thursday 21st October and will be attended by the British queen, unionist politicians, loyalists aswell as members of the SDLP and representatives of the Irish government, quislings who call themselves Irishmen and women.

We must send a clear message to the Elizabeth Windsor and the lackey west brits upholding and administering british rule from Stormont and Leinster House, that 100 years of illegal partition is nothing to be celebrated, it is in fact the cause of much bloodshed in this country and must come to an end now.

British partition and the British queen have no place in Ireland, they are equally not welcome in this land.

Reject British rule, reject partition, Sovereignty now.


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  • 32CSM

The following is a letter which was sent to British MLA Nichola Mallon, deputy leader of the SDLP with the title of 'Infrastructure Minister'. Unsurprisingly no real response was received, just an automated reply designed to stonewall the issue at hand.


It is my understanding your intention is to hold a public inquiry into the proposed gold mine in the Sperrins and more specifically in the Greencastle area of County Tyrone!

Your Department is acutely aware of the concerns and objections of the local and surrounding communities, which are based on the environmental and immediate impact on the local community.

You are equally aware of the Company's proposal to have a processing plant, which uses dangerous substances, and this is causing serious concern to both the local and wider communities with particular concern for the waterway network right into the river Foyle. This includes the tributary system on route to the sea.

There is another consideration, however, that requires deep investigation and that is who owns the sovereign resources of Gold, Silver, Copper and other minerals in this area?

I contend these are sovereign resources of the Irish people and given there is an illegal sovereign claim by the British Government to this area, the ownership of the resource is in dispute.

I further contend the British Government, or anyone acting as a proxy on their behalf, do not have the authority to administer the sovereign resources of the Irish people. Therefore as a minister in Stormont the question arises, do you have any authority in administering over a sovereign resource in dispute?

Given that the issue of sovereignty is in dispute I submit that all proposals from the company Dalradian are stopped with immediate effect until the issue of sovereignty is established.

Therefore I ask you to give clarity on the ownership of sovereign resources in the affected area and further afield.

Yours Sincerely

Francis Mackey

32 County Sovereignty Movement

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  • 32CSM

With the British queen due to arrive in Ireland on October 21st, Belfast 32CSM have started to highlight how unwelcome she is here. Posters were erected across the city including the university area of south Belfast, with the approval and support of local students equally opposed to the occupation of their land.

The only time an English head of state will be welcome in Ireland is when they come here to announce England’s withdrawal from the affairs of this land and to apologise to the people of Ireland for not only the recent decades of murder, rape, torture and collusion, but the hundreds of years of atrocities inflicted on the Irish people, from the plantations of the 16th century to the mass genocide of the 19th century, commonly referred to as the famine.

100 years ago George the 5th, king of England, came to Ireland to celebrate the partitioning of our country. On October 21st this year, Elizabeth Windsor, queen of England and commander in chief of British armed forces will come here to celebrate 100 years of that brutal Partition. So too will elected representatives of the puppet governments Stormont and Leinster house, aswell as church leaders.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement see this event as an opportunity for all of us who believe in the Republic to send a unified message loud and clear that the British queen along with her government, her military, her shadowy agents in MI5 and the other apparatus involved in the ongoing occupation, is not welcome here in Ireland.

Reject the crown in our country, end British rule!


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