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We remember with pride today, IRA volunteer Kevin ‘Kiddo’ Murray, on the 21st anniversary of his death.

Kiddo, like his fallen comrades before and since, was a true Republican who remained dedicated to the cause even after many towed the line of Adams and McGuinness. It was because of this dedication that Kiddo faced scandalous persecution not only from the British and their west allies in Leinster house, but also from his former comrades in the provisional movement who labelled him a dissident, among other things.

Kiddo was serving time as a POW in Portlaoise gaol around the turn of the century when he fell ill, refusing him adequate or timely medical attention the gaol authorities and their masters in the Dublin government ensured Kiddo’s condition would only get worse.

After a long time of this state led neglect, Kiddo received the news that the illness was now terminal and would be released to the care of his family. This was in no way a show of mercy or respect, instead it was the reddening face of the Dublin regime and gaol authorities trying to salvage their public image.

Volunteer Kevin Murray succumbed to his illness and died on the 13th November 2001, only weeks after his release from Portlaoise.

To this day the 32 County Sovereignty Movement remember and applaud Kiddo in all that he done for the cause and forever hold him in the highest regard. We will ensure his legacy and name remains untarnished.

Beir Bua.

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The following letter was carried this week and last by multiple media outlets.

Ending British Rule Is The Only Solution

The continued failure of Stormont and the failure of the political process contained in the Good Friday Agreement demonstrate again that the illegal partition of Ireland and the violation of Irish national sovereignty is the core issue to be resolved.

The upholding of Irish Sovereignty versus maintaining the Union with Britain cannot be reconciled, it will always be one or the other.

The historical attempts to do so have failed and that failure continues today.

The only option to end this failure is for the British Government to pass legislation relinquishing their sovereign claim here. This gives focus to the future governance of the Irish Nation and the type of governance required to service the New Ireland post partition. This is the only option that has never been put forward despite many attempts in previous agreements to maintain the failure of British Rule.

The sooner this reality is grasped the better for all to reach a final settlement in this great historical nation.

Francis Mackey 32 County Sovereignty Movement Omagh

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Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Statement from Belfast WolfeTone/McCracken cumann 32CSM on energy price rises.

Gas supplier Firmus Energy have announced today a 56.3% increase on the price of household gas, effective as of October 3rd, an eye watering increase amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis.

One of the current director’s of this private company is Jennifer ‘Jenny’ Pyper, appointed to the role in November 2021. In a sweeping contrast the year prior Jennifer held the position of interim head of the civil service, a body described as “managing government contracts and providing frontline support to people using public services”, yet is now fuelling and benefitting from this crisis.

What’s even more surprising and worrying though is the position Jennifer Pyper held before her public service role. From 2013 until 2020 she was Chief executive of the Authority For Utility Regulation, a supposedly independent body set up to regulate household utilities such as gas and electricity and who state on their website “promote the short and long term interests of comsumers”.

It’s amazing how this woman who was the face of a body designed to help the public, could become the director of a company now fully engaged in a cost of living attack on the public.

Jennifer Pyper’s involvement in these private and public sectors exposes the level of infiltration and power that big energy companies have over supposed publicly accountable bodies. She is just one of the countless individuals manipulating the public sector to benefit these multi national companies and private investors.

Firmus aren’t alone in this latest price hike, many energy companies have already stated that come October their prices will rise a significant amount, companies such as SSE Airtricity who will increase their electricity prices by 38.5% and gas tariffs by 28.4%, squeezing the absolute maximum out of consumers, mostly the working class who are already on their knees due to the extortionate costs of living necessities. This while the cost of wholesale gas fell by more than 20% last week.

As we approach the winter months this attack on the working class will only get worse unless we as members of the public living on the frontline of this crisis band together in a unified force and demand in whichever way necessary, an end to this inhumane saga. Corporate greed needs to end now.

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