Sinn Fein's John O'Dowd was last week among others taking part in a tree planting ceremony at Stormont to celebrate the British queens 70th year in power. The ceremony was part of a wider celebration for what’s known as Commonwealth Day, formerly Empire Day, a day to observe all countries and peoples under British rule.  


As a party Sinn Fein have accepted the British queen as a legitimate head of state and Mary Lou McDonald went as far in recent times to calling for joint British-Irish rule over the occupied 6 counties. She also hinted at the idea of a British monarch and Irish president being joint heads of state over all 32 counties of Ireland.


For years Sinn Fein have been slowly chipping away at and disowning any semblance of Irish Republicanism and have morphed into a typical British political party, no better than the tories of Westminster or Fine Gael in Leinster House.


 They have adopted and actively promote a British police force which always was and currently remains sectarian in nature. This force has been implicated in numerous murders throughout the years, collusion with loyalist paramilitaries and continues to take direction from British intelligence agency MI5. Two years ago Gerry Kelly and Michelle O’Neill led a recruitment drive for the PSNI, formerly the RUC and RIC before that.


Sinn Fein have apologised for past Republican actions carried out against the British state and it’s illegal apparatus here in Ireland while calling actual Republicans, and indeed anyone not towing their line, “traitors to Ireland”. Let us call a spade a spade, the only “traitors to Ireland” are those participating in and collaborating with the British state.


It’s not hard to see the direction in which the Sinn Fein leadership and their puppet masters are steering the party and it’s unfortunate that many will continue to sheepishly follow their lead down the garden path.


The truth of matter is that these people are not in place to benefit you, the ordinary person. They are not Irish Republicans. They are not socialists. They are gatekeepers of British rule in Ireland operating out of Stormont and Leinster House.


Sinn Fein would do well to heed the following quote by James Larkin: ‘No, men and women of the Irish race, we shall not fight for England. We shall fight for the destruction of the British Empire and the construction of an Irish republic’.


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We remember with pride today IRA volunteer Vincent 'Vinny' Ryan, on this the 6th anniversary of his murder at the hands of criminals.

Vinny was a committed Republican and like his older brother Alan, his memory and legacy will live on with those who hold true the Republican cause.

Fuair se bás ar son saoirse na héireann

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Homes attacked on the Springfield Road. When driving home from a cumann meeting yesterday evening, members of Belfast 32csm noticed a group of around ten teenagers throwing bottles at homes. After pulling the car over the crowd took off into Isadore avenue leading to the loyalist Highfield estate while shouting sectarian slogans. Our members remained in the area for a while and spoke with a number of residents who said that attacks had been increasing recently. This increase leads us to believe the attacks are being orchestrated to heighten tensions in the community, particularly now that loyalist paramilitaries have vowed to continue and increase protests against the Irish Sea border and the protocol. Whilst legitimate to defend your home and area, we want to advise the youth in our community not to be drawn into tit for tat conflict, we know all too well that british crown forces will take advantage of the situation to blame nationalist youths for trouble flaring and give credence to those loyalists wanting to cause trouble. At the same time we want to advise people living in these interface areas to be careful, stay vigilant and look out for your neighbours. If anyone needs assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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