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The 32 County Sovereignty Movement are proud and delighted to have our portion of the International wall in Belfast being used as the canvas to host the latest artwork by world renowned political cartoon artist Carlos Latuff.

The mural has been painted by Carlos and a local artist from Gael Force Art in Belfast.

Carlos has long been a supporter of both the Irish and Palestinian struggles and this latest piece shows how Ireland and Palestine are united in those struggles and in grief.

Another world renowned piece painted by Carlos was for the Craigavon 2 campaign and we have no doubt this latest mural will receive the same international applause.

Maith sibh Carlos Latuff agus Gael Force Art.

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Last year we helped organise three events in Belfast, Derry and Tyrone exploring the close connections between the struggles in both Ireland and Palestine. One of those involved in the campaign was an activist from Palestine.

Before this Palestinian activist arrived to stay in Belfast she was approached by Sinn Fein and People Before Profit and warned that she “didn’t know who she was getting involved with” by working with ourselves.

Despite tactics the three events were a huge success and we, along with local Palestinian activists, were confident that we could all build on this success and move forward in supporting our comrades who are suffering in Palestine.

We then set about organising events around the upcoming Féile, with the main event being a concert by renowned artist LowKey. Again the Palestinian was approached by Sinn Fein and People Before Profit who made malicious and false allegations about some of our members; that we were thugs, bullies, homophobic and misogynistic.

While the week’s events went well the underhand actions of these people who claim to be passionate about helping Palestine paint us all in a bad light.

Now we have this latest act by sinnfein, to sucker a Palestinian activist into their ranks by ridiculing and blackening others, then cut her loose at the drop of a hat when she tries explaining to them the wishes of the Palestinian people.

Members of these political parties should ask their leadership what there is to be achieved by trying to destroy genuine campaigns and initiatives, or is it simply because they don’t have sole control of them?

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Message from Belfast’s WolfeTone/McCracken cumann:

Over the past week members of Belfast’s WolfeTone/McCracken cumann have erected anti British policing posters in different area's of the city.

Regardless of the smiling faces, the pandering, advertising and normalised talk from elected representatives, the PSNI must be viewed for what they truly are. They remain an integral arm of the British crown forces operating here in Ireland and with their continued sectarian backbone they are no better than their predecessors in the RUC and RIC. Collusion with loyalist paramilitaries is still rife with this force, seen in recent videos of UVF and UDA shows of strength where dozens of masked men are blatantly escorted by uniformed "police". The PSNI also work hand in hand with the likes of MI5 to run touts through our communities, including the illegal use of child informers. The message is clear; reject all forms of British policing in Ireland.

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