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Statement from Belfast's WolfeTone/McCracken cumann:

As part of our commitment to help the Palestinian campaign to have the political class here in Ireland boycott the Whitehouse on St Patrick’s day, Belfast 32CSM took the decision to paint some artwork by world renowned political cartoon artist Carlos Latuff on the Falls road.

Carlos has designed some art for us in the past and were delighted when he stepped up to the mark again with this piece to highlight the fact that against the wishes of most of the people in Ireland, the political class are still going to give political cover for genocide Joe and his administration, with their presence at the Whitehouse.

The following Sunday, as some of our members joined other Palestinian activists at a boycott protest, word came to us that the mural had been vandalized with black paint being brushed over both the image and the message. We, along with other Palestinian activists, arrived at the wall and removed most of the paint, but deliberately left some there so everyone could see this crude attempt at censorship and intimidation by those clearly embarrassed by the message being sent out.

Carlos, along with thousands of others worldwide, were enraged at what had taken place and took to social media and other outlets to let their feelings be known.

So today, as the Irish political class sit down with a man directly responsible for the genocide in Palestine, we want them to know that they are not doing this in the name of the Irish people. They should feel nothing but shame when they sit down at the banquet honoring genocide Joe, as thousands of Palestinians are being slaughtered and starved to death. It’s akin to someone claiming that they were comrades of the Irish during our genocide at the hands of the British, going to feast with the genocide queen Victoria while the Irish people were starved to death and displaced in their millions.

No amount of black paint or weasel words can hide the fact that the political class here have ignored the demands of the Palestinian people to boycott the Whitehouse. They have instead chosen to stand with Biden and by default so called Israel.

We for our part will not be censored or intimidated by anyone as we highlight the failings of the political class and their paymasters in Britain, Europe and the US and will continue to highlight the Palestinian plight and their call for direct action in the form of BDS.

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh.

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We remember with pride Oglach Vincent Ryan, Dublin brigade Irish Republican Army, who was shot and murdered by criminals on this day 8 years ago.

Vincent was a courageous, principled and dedicated Republican who never bowed the knee or coward in fear of those who sought to diminish the Republican cause.

We will forever keep Vincent in our thoughts as an inspiring comrade and loyal friend.

Fuair se bás ar son saoirse na héireann

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Article by 32CSM national chairman Francis Mackey published in today's Irish News.

Any policy on the policing issue must be the product of democratic debate thus its ability to sustain broad support as opposed to an exclusive policy claiming to have the answers without any democratic debate having taken place.

The PSNI were born out of this narrative placing them on one side of the constitutional conflict thereby upholding the British position to the letter of British law.

The attendance of Michelle O’Neil and Sinn Fein headlining the graduation of recruits to British policing is not something that required such headlines.

Sinn Fein accepted British Parliamentary Activity in Ireland in 1998 and by 2007 accepted British policing. This presented difficulties with more republicans objecting and they left Sinn Fein over their position on policing seeing it as a step too far.

When Sinn Fein accepted the Good Friday Agreement, the issue of policing would be controlled by the British as a means of upholding and protecting their constitutional authority.

Sinn Fein were again outflanked and failed to uphold the republican position and accepting policing as an outworking of the GFA they are complicit in failing to protect the sovereign rights of the Irish people.

Today Sinn Fein will say the constitutional position is resolved and they accept the two state position administering British Parliamentary Activity in Ireland and having a British Police force upholding that position under British Law enforced in the occupied area.

Sinn Fein are now delivering what they agreed and signed up to and have no shame. Its what they agreed and by attending the graduation of new recruits they are putting the final piece of the jigsaw together signalling their intent as being fully integrated to British interference in Irish affairs.

No Irishman or woman with an inclination to be a police officer could contemplate joining the PSNI giving their remit of Political Policing and their allegiance to one side in the constitutional conflict.

The PSNI are not impartial whereas had the negotiators insisted on a civic form of policing they could have a police service that would be complimentary to resolving the constitutional conflict.

Francis Mackey

32 County Sovereignty Movement

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